Our race to zero

We don’t just talk about being a company with a conscience, we live it. To go with our style and substance, part of the Jents mission to be a sustainable company is reducing our footprint and racing to zero waste. It’s not always easy being a small company with a big dream. The little companies are the underdogs in the eco-friendly space, and it’s a challenge to partner with suppliers when you have a few orders instead of a few thousand. Challenges don’t stop a true Jent. Instead, they make us stronger. Ambitious goals, taken one step at a time, are our forte

These bold aspirations are where you come in. Every pair of Jents sold gets us closer to our goal of producing zero waste. Teamwork makes the dream work - especially when it comes to conscious choices that impact future generations.

Keep reading to see where we stand and where we want to go next.