Triumph Over Tragedy

Established by Belgian Canadian shoe designer Andrew Durot, JENTS is the unlikely result of a colorful childhood growing up around the fashion industry and an unfortunate family tragedy. Andrew was expected to take over the family business, but those dreams were put on hold when his older brother was killed in a hit and run accident, sending his life on a different path. Several years later, Andrew found himself having to dress for a black tie event, and couldn’t find affordable, well-made dress loafers that could do justice to his tuxedo, which was the only remaining touchstone bequeathed to him by his brother. In pursuit of superlative shoe design available at an affordable price, Andrew quit his corporate job to create JENTS.

Style, Comfort & Conscience

We consciously craft stylish shoes that take you from the beach to the red carpet, and everywhere in between, so you can keep your focus on the long game. Your footwear becomes one less thing to distract you from living yours dreams, whatever that looks like for you.

Social & Economical Impact

Good choices are made from the ground up. That’s why we believe in making conscious, sustainable choices that focus on what really matters. What better way to begin than with great shoes? Because it’s the steps you take every day that define who you are. See here why we decided to go full vegan:

Andrew Durot
A guy with an idea.

Originally from the fashion city of Antwerp, Belgium. Andrew started his career at the Ritz-Carlton, where he was taught not only the importance of delivering an impeccable product with great service, but also the massive potential influence companies can have on our society. After many years of dreaming of a world where every single company creates something that matters for our future he decided to gather the smartest people he knew and build Jents. FYI Andrew, won't stop until every single company contributes to something that matters.

Javier Gomez Rico
The man who knows shoes.

Born and raised in Leon, Mexico, Javier knows everything there is to know about making the best shoes. You might not be aware, however most companies make their shoes in Leon, earning it the title of "shoe capital of the world" (we had no clue either!). Javier has always been at the heart of all this and couldn't wait to start making a great shoe that helps building a better future.

Mariella Tomasino
The Lady that's making it add up.

Behind every great idea there is at least one extraordinary women. When starting Jents we needed someone who believed what we believed all while being good at numbers... a lot of numbers. Thankfully we met Mariella, with her elaborate experience as the director of finance of the multi-million dollar luxury travel institution, Luxury Retreats International, we knew we were well on our way of building something that matters.

"So how concience are you?"

Claims of sustainibility aren't rare these days, but what does this truly entitle? Buy purchasing JENTS you have our word that we will always strive to make concience decisions, not only because the company is build in my brothers honor, but also out of pure respect towards our clients and future generations. Now, what does this all really mean? Ideally we would bring you the perfect zero footprint, zero waste product at your door today. Realistically, that's simply not possible as a small brand. Our quantities and financial base is simply not significant enough to provide you this. Yet the more we grow, the more we can realize. So behold our achievements & goals: